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New Year Minimalism – A few ideas.

A lot of people set themselves New Years resolutions. The New Year marks a fresh start for a lot of people & resolutions help to set goals for the coming year. Some are very simple, such as dieting… Read More

Financial Minimalism

Financial Minimalism

This morning, when paying my water bill I realised that minimalism can be applied to all aspects of our lives, not just our physical belongings. It occurred to me that I spend time on the 15th of every… Read More

Minimalism is Freedom of Movement

I’ve been thinking about the concept of belongings & their direct relationship to freedom. If we own a lot of stuff, we tend to need a large property to store them in, we may need storage lockers or… Read More

minimalism A documentary about the important things

Minimalism A documentary about the important things

I have been waiting on Joshua & Ryan’s documentary for a while now. The documentary is called Minimalism – A documentary about the important things. When they announced they where making a film I got very excited &… Read More