Minimalism A documentary about the important things

minimalism A documentary about the important things

I have been waiting on Joshua & Ryan’s documentary for a while now. The documentary is called Minimalism – A documentary about the important things. When they announced they where making a film I got very excited & knew that the final documentary would be great. Yesterday I saw them tweet the link to their documentary on Vimeo and I instantly headed over to the website to place my order. What I wasn’t expecting was to receive over 6 hours of bonus content & interviews. For £13 this is an absolute bargain.

My wife & I sat down to watch the documentary last night. The great thing about buying on Vimeo is that you can download a 1080p version of the documentary (HD) and watch it on any device you choose as it’s DRM free. This meant that I could watch on my media centre without worrying about having the Vimeo app installed & also means I can copy it to my laptop or tablet for watching on the go. A real bonus for me.

The documentary itself follows Ryan’s & Joshua’s book tour across the USA. They interview various bloggers, scientists and minimalists along the way & they really do highlight the benefits of living a more minimal lifestyle. I can totally relate to a lot of the issues raised in the documentary. My upbringing was very similar to Joshua’s & I feel a need to constantly reassess my life & check that everything is going in the right direction. I also have a real issue with wasting time & not wasting my day doing something that is meaningless.

I’ve already adopted a lot of minimalist values in my life. I only buy high quality items & I limit the items I own to ensure they meet multiple needs & add value to my life. It’s certainly an ongoing process and I find reading blogs & watching documentaries like this enable me to stay on track and address issues I’m having based on others experiences.

The documentary suggests that there is a real movement of people rejecting the modern norms of mass consumerism & debt. In their year of travel the boys start off giving talks to a few people in small halls & end up doing TV interviews and selling out talking venues & book shops. There is one scene in a Barnes & Noble store where people are literally standing on the bookshelves to listen. It’s nice to see that other people are adopting this lifestyle & with that brings more experiences and ideas.

I like it when Joshua mentioned someone he had met who kept a library of books & derived real joy from his book collection. Joshua’s answer to that was that it’s OK to keep things that bring you real value, but most things we bring into our home are faddy and don’t contribute anything to our lives in the long run.

Books used to be something I couldn’t part with, but I’ve slowly been converting my book addiction over to ebooks. I got the Amazon app for my iPad and just yesterday I took delivery of my first Kindle. My wife has had a kindle for years, she tends to read a lot of novels & never feels the need to hang onto them when she has finished. I, on the other hand tend to read a lot of non fiction, technical & text books. I find real value in having these available for reference, but I’ve actually found that having digital versions of these allows me to carry them everywhere with me on a single small device & makes me much lighter as a human being who tends to move house a lot (books weigh an absolute ton when moving house). The biggest benefit I’ve found however is the ability to search within the text of ebooks. It’s a game changer.

Anyway, back to the documentary. So far I’ve watched the documentary itself, which if you are even remotely interested in simple living or minimalism, you should watch. I’ve also watched the 40 minute full interview with Leo Babauta of Zen Habits which is well worth a watch. I’m nowhere near as far into this journey as Leo, but I do relate to what he said about thinking of himself 10 years ago & giving that person advice. It definitely helps me to see how far I’ve come & the work I’ve still got to do. I’ll be working through the other bonus features this week.

For £13 you get the documentary which is 1 hour and 18 minutes and you also get over 6 hours of interviews. This is an absolute bargain. Go watch it now! Other people included in the documentary are Joshua Becker, Tammy Strobel of Tiny House fame, Colin Beavan (the Low Impact Man – another great documentary) & Patrick Rhone along with some neuroscientists, sociologists and other scientists.

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Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things from The Minimalists on Vimeo.

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