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Taking in my new Cornish surroundings

I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for a long time. A lot of the principles & steps I will talk about have been in motion for a few years now but I’m far from finished. The purpose of this blog is to share with you ideas, plans, tips & tricks to de-stress, de-clutter & simplify every aspect of modern life.

I’ve lived a few lifetimes it feels in my 32 years on this planet, and I can already look back and glean great wisdom from those lifetimes. I’ve made huge mistakes, but I’ve always managed to learn from them. I’ve lived in massive houses with flash cars & I’ve never felt so low. Living a lavish lifestyle almost cost me everything, both financially & emotionally, but thankfully these mistakes were used as lessons and not roadblocks. And I’ve achieved massive things, like self funding my way through 2 degrees & now having a Masters.

I’m now half way through my journey. A lot of the debts I ran up both as a student & as a small business owner are well under control and on the way to being cleared. There is still plenty to do and I’m far from being a relaxed and content human being.

Three months ago My wife & I moved to the coast in Cornwall. It seemed like a very good move to make, we where both really stressed out after staying with family for a while and paying down a lot of debt. The culture down here is so different to my native Manchester. It’s a slower & less competitive way of life. A place where happiness seems to be put before salary. The perfect place for a life reboot. The slower pace of life must be working already as I’ve just set-up this blog, after a long walk around the coastal path & I’m sat writing to you with a warm cup of Earl Grey tea and the sun beaming through the window. Life is definitely improving, but don’t think this is some sort of country idyll, I still have a lot of things to overcome & a long way to go. I do hope you will join me on that journey.

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Taking in my new Cornish surroundings
Taking in my new Cornish surroundings.

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