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Financial Minimalism

Financial Minimalism

This morning, when paying my water bill I realised that minimalism can be applied to all aspects of our lives, not just our physical belongings. It occurred to me that I spend time on the 15th of every… Read More

Digital Decluttering in Minimalism

Digital De cluttering in minimalism

I’ve been online since around 1994. I have a Bachelors & Masters degree in Computer Science so I tend to spend a lot of my time on a computer & using the internet. In that time I’ve acquired… Read More

Kindle ebook reader vs. huge book collection

Minimalism – simplify & downsize your book collection with an ebook reader

Minimalism has become an important part of my life. As a young (ish) couple, my wife & I live in private rented accommodation which is by definition insecure. We generally have a 12 month guaranteed lease, but after… Read More

Minimalism is Freedom of Movement

I’ve been thinking about the concept of belongings & their direct relationship to freedom. If we own a lot of stuff, we tend to need a large property to store them in, we may need storage lockers or… Read More